9 Best Instagram Auto Followers Apps to Use in 2021

With the plethora of social media sites, getting followers on Instagram can be quite a challenge. Fortunately for you, there are apps out that will help boost your number and make it easier! When using any app related to boosting likes/followers from other people’s feeds they usually come with some strings attached but if done properly these services can give an edge when trying to get more visibility in one’s niche community or interest group environment- whether personal or professional.

Instagram Auto Followers Apps

In order not to have trouble finding quality alternatives we’ve compiled this list below:

9 Best Instagram Auto Followers Apps to Use in 2021

If you are looking to become popular on Instagram, it’s time for some extra push. There are plenty of ways that can help increase your number of followers and make sure everyone sees what they’re up to! The following list contains the best apps out there – all at different costs so find one which suits you best or try them all.

Social Scan

If you want a lightweight app that can manage and monitor your Instagram account, then Social Scan may be just what you need. It has plenty of features for monitoring social media activities on different platforms from one convenient location with minimal memory consumption! This free program works perfectly well in iOS devices as well so no matter which platform or type of phone/tablet computer this software runs best on there’s always an option available when looking at all the great benefits offered by these tools today – don’t forget they’re completely free too.

Follower Analyzer

With this stunning app, you can get access to in-depth data of your Instagram account. The basic version covers all the basics including followers, unfollowers block, and unblocking a total number of posts like comments photos videos, etc on the Master profile with more features being added regularly by them too!


You can get free Instagram followers Instantly with this smart and simple to use too. InsTrack provides detailed statistics of your account including the number of followers, their gender breakdowns as well as other valuable information such NSDHandle (National Standard Date), weight loss goals for each user in case you want to target certain demographics on social media. It also allows switching between multiple accounts which may come in handy when managing different brands or marketing strategies at once.


Crowdfire is the best free follower app for smartphones. With CrowdFire you can enhance your user engagements, know about trending posts and hashtags that are being used in Instagram feeds across different social media sites like Twitter or Facebook to create an engaging experience on all of those networks at once.

Followers and Unfollowers

The Followers and Unfollowers App is a free tool to help you grow your Instagram account. Find out which people are new followers, who have recently unfollowed from the app; use this information for further engagement on social media! The features include Don’t follow me back (if someone else follows first), mutual followers between two users like recent ones-unfollowing together in a mass, or following one another back then unblocking each other after some time apart.


Followers+, the Instagram follower analytics tool that you never knew existed. Track your followers and their activity in detail, get valuable data on who’s following or blocking you without having to manually check for each one of them!
Get all these insights: number of posts made by account; views/likes per video uploads etc.; amount gained/lost from new followers due to blocks (if any); detailed information related with profile stalkers AND people who are not following back- it will help make sure there aren’t too many inactive ones in-between anymore.

Insights+ IG Follower Reports

Insights+ is a useful tool for iOS users, providing statistics about your account. It provides detailed information like how many followers you have and which ones unfollowed or liked the posts that were made by others on their timeline recently. The app also tells whether someone has removed comments from yours after they’ve read them – giving insight into any possible change in the relationship between both parties as well.

Followers Track

Followers Track is a great way to keep track of who’s following you and how many are paying attention. It also allows users to see if any comments were deleted, blocked followers have been restored or removed from your account for whatever reason – all in one place! The advantage of this app over others like it? You don’t need an upgrade package because Followerstkack has everything included at no cost whatsoever; not even ads interrupting what should be private data when scrolling through profiles.

Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery makes sure you don’t need to do the work of counting your fake followers and likes. It’s among one of the best Instagram Followers Apps that can help gain real active users along with likable posts by following other accounts, liking their content, or buying coins that are available for both iOS & Android platforms free of charge!

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