12 Best Instagram Bots You can Start Using in 2021

New to Instagram? Need help automating your account so you can focus on other aspects of business like content production and marketing strategy without wasting time trying out different apps or services that don’t work well together.

I know exactly how tedious this process is because I’ve spent years doing all the research myself – sourcing, evaluating & reviewing each tool’s features before recommending them here! This huge resource includes only top-rated bots.

Best Instagram Bots

12 Best Instagram Bots You can Use in 2021


Growthoid is an innovative Instagram marketing company that uses manual engagement to deliver true growth on your account. This means they won’t automatically like or comment, but instead, ask for more of what interests you by engaging with people who follow and engage with posts themselves! Their use of constraint freedom in following user behavior while maintaining authenticity makes them safe as well as secure.


Grownsilos is a social media agency that goes one step further to ensure its clients have the perfect Instagram profile. They offer dedicated account managers, a money-back guarantee, and VIP email support so you can always get in touch with someone if needed! All of Growthsilo’s engagements are genuine because there aren’t any fake accounts diluting your engagement rate or targeting options- instead, these features allow for advanced targeting which will make sure all attention from potential customers lands on what they want it to.


Nitreo is a great way to help you grow your Instagram account without paying expensive marketing fees. Not only does it offer new clients the opportunity for their money back if they don’t like what’s found on the Nitreos page, but also boasts organic growth and takes less than 3 minutes from signing up! No more worries about scams or fake followers either.

In fact

Inflat claims to be the most effective Instagram assistant and offer a free trial for three days so you can see its magic work first-hand before committing! Beyond this free access period set up your campaign with them personalized just as much towards content from yourself or other users – all while letting their engagement take care of promoting everything in real-time without any additional effort required by either party beyond signing up.


ThunderClap is more than just a bot. They offer their clients an engagement system where they can work out when new content gets uploaded onto your feed, and then send you likes right away so that the number of likes for each post will never be the same again! This means ThunderClap does mix things up – no one wants posts being liked only once or twice at most from them every single day.


Ampya is one of the best Instagram bots that you can find on the market today. They have been providing their clients with organic engagement and content for a long period, so why not give them a try.


As you may not recognize them, use their website to find out why it is that makeover. Trust us when we say the fail-safe Instagram but still has your back with riskless growth of social media for an array of different accounts in many industries – including yours! Now cross-promote all posts on one platform efficiently using this professional service and enjoy success like never before.


SidesMedia is a company that has been around for years and you can feel confident in trusting them with your Instagram account. They have spent the majority of their career establishing themselves as reputable, which means there’s no need to worry about what goes on behind closed doors when things go wrong- SidesMedia will always be upfront letting people know how they’re doing.

Task Ant

Task Ant is the best way to find hashtags that are going to work for your niche! It can tell you whether they’re a good fit by looking up analytics and insight into how other similar niches have done. With Task ant, not only will it increase engagement with organic posts but there are no worries about being suspended or banned because its terms of use match Instagram guidelines.


Kenji is the type of bot you want on your side when it comes to social media marketing. They can automatically engage with people who may be interested in what content, bringing them over to either a website or app where they are more likely than not already signed up for an account (and subscribing). The only downside? It costs money! But don’t worry–Kenjis gives users 3 days free before charging $49 per month which still isn’t bad considering how many benefits this service has brought me so far.


Upleap is the only Instagram service that uses a dedicated account manager to grow your client’s profiles organically and safely. Upleaps will do all of the hard work for you, with no risk or spamming on their end! You get three days free trial before they charge so make sure this sounds like something worth checking out if not already testing out yourself.

Follow Adder

The bot for Instagram, Follow Adder is a powerful tool that allows you to grow your account by following people of interest. Whether they are local businesses or industry influencers-the possibilities are endless! You can also schedule posts so there won’t be any lag time between when it generates an engagement on their end and then posting back up with all new content.

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